The Studio and Garden

John Forward Bude Architect Studio and Garden

The Bude Architect John Forward was asked to create a studio and garden features using sustainably sourced materials that also achieved eco-building status whilst looking appealing.

The Eco-House

John Forward, a Bude Architect, has been involved in the development of ‘eco’ architecture since the late ‘80s and is fully conversant with all the means and ways of minimising energy input and maximising the practicality and comfort of your new space.

The 100k House

John Forward Bude Architect Self build £100k house

John Forward’s work was featured in a BBC programme ‘The £100k house’ where a local couple successfully built an ‘eco’ home for less than £800 per sq metre, proving that high standards of insulation and low energy consumption can be achieved at low cost, with careful design and detailing.

Visitor Orientation Centre

New Visitor Orientation Centre for the Tamar Trails, Gulworthy, Devon.

John Forward has designed and recently completed a new visitor orientation centre for the Tamar Trails, using the existing ‘Treesurfers’ outdoor activities premises at Bedford Sawmills as the basis. The project has a variety of interesting aspects to the brief where requirements of funding, end-users, display and interpretation design, continued business operation, local ecology, short construction period and a limited budget, all have had to be successfully resolved.

The design solution maximises the useable space within the existing building and uses the adjacent semi-mature oak tree as a feature, dictating the arrangement of extensions, new building and landscaping.

Simple timber-framed and timber clad flat roof structures are used to enclose the entrance courtyard, giving the Visitor Centre a clear definition and focal point.